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Office of Student Affairs, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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WACC x TourHeart+
— Online Mental Health Support Platform

Take care of your mental health anytime, anywhere.

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Mental Wellness Toolbox for New Student

New semester brings new people and new environment. Read our "Mental Wellness Toolbox for New Student" to help you navigate these rough waters.

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Mental Health Screening for New Students

Receive personalized feedback and strategies to enhance your mental wellness.

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Peer Support Network (uBuddies, uShine, uPals)

Together, we can do great things.

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SEN Service

Empowering students through personalized support and inclusion.

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Mental Health Initiatives and Training for Psychological Wellbeing

Apart from our campus-wide mental health promotions, we organize year-round initiatives for students to develop a robust set of skills to enhance their psychological wellbeing during university years and beyond. We offer a range of professional mental health training to equip our students and staff with the skills and knowledge to support other students in need more effectively.

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